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Neroli 141

Just a stone’s throw from Florence, Neroli 141 is a contemporary-style restaurant surrounded by the lush greenery of Villa Neroli. It offers refined cuisine with a diverse array of expertly reimagined traditional Tuscan dishes, crafted from fresh, locally sourced, and premium-quality ingredients. From classic bruschetta to pappardelle with ragù and the celebrated Florentine steak, each creation reflects the chef's dedication and passion, promising an explosion of flavors. The wine list showcases a meticulously selected range of local labels to enhance every gastronomic experience.


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At Neroli 141, culinary artistry is deeply rooted in the local bounty, drawing inspiration from Tuscan and Italian culinary traditions with a modern flair, guided by the chef's innovative vision and expertise. The menu evolves in harmony with local markets and the seasonality of ingredients, ensuring each dish features locally-sourced components. For a truly unique experience, savor the special dish 'i Diraspini,' a fresh pasta crafted from flour and Chianti Classico wine.


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Neroli 141

Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 141A/B
50135 Florence, Italy

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