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Cortefreda Restaurant is found in an authentic and enchanting corner of Tuscany, amidst the rolling hills of Chianti. The ambiance exudes warmth and relaxation, while the cuisine pays homage to the rich culinary tradition of Tuscany, elevating flavors with the use of fresh, top-tier ingredients. The restaurant's knowledgeable staff is always on hand to suggest the perfect wine pairings for each dish, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable culinary journey. Cortefreda is the ultimate destination for indulging in summer evenings filled with exquisite flavors or for hosting truly memorable special events.


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Cortefreda Restaurant encapsulates the essence of hospitality through its traditional, refined cuisine, meticulously prepared with locally sourced Tuscan ingredients and thoughtfully paired with regional wines, all infused with a generous dose of passion. The restaurant offers a distinctive food and wine experience that embraces the genuine aromas and flavors of Tuscany, reinterpreted by the skilled hands of our chef. Every dish showcases locally procured ingredients that follow the seasons while remaining deeply rooted in tradition. A particular highlight is our handmade, artisanal pasta, for a genuine touch of authenticity.


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Via Roma, 191

50028 Barberino Tavarnelle, Florence, Italy
T (+39) 055 8073333 -